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HCM Happenings

HCM Happenings

The HCM news page is jam packed with all things music and industry related! From industry news, to student success stories; to event reviews and exclusive interviews – we have lots to talk about.

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    Tony started taking music lessons at the age of 6, was gigging by the time he was 8 and hasn’t stopped learning, writing and performing since.

  • TOM HOLLYLEE - HCM Music College Tutor
    Tom Hollylee

    Tom prides himself in inspiring his students to develop their own passion for learning to play their instrument, he does this by initially identifying the students favourite Artists and showing them exactly how their idols started off in the music industry.


  • Andy Horrigan | HCM Music College
    Andy Horrigan

    Andy Horrigan is a guitar tutor who, throughout his years of playing has been in many bands and has performed at various venues in and around London and the southeast.


  • Guitar

    Rock out as an electric or acoustic guitar player by taking guitar lessons at HCM.