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Learn Fretboard Notes For Bass Guitar With These Two Easy Hacks

Learning the fretboard notes on your bass guitar can seem a little overwhelming at first, but with these two easy to follow hacks, you’ll soon be able to play the notes you need with ease.

With these two easy to follow hacks, you’ll soon be able to play the notes you need with ease!

One of the most challenging things about learning fretboard notes is the confusion that stems from the strings having both names and numbers. Many people trying a DIY approach to learning to play the bass guitar can get confused and really struggle with the notes because of this, so it’s essential that you know both.

Therefore,  we’ll be taking a quick look at the names and numbers of the bass guitar strings to help us get started first.

Hack One: String Names and Numbers

Here’s the quick guide to bass guitar string names and numbers that you’ll need to get started:

  • The thickest string is the 4th string. This is tuned to E. This is usually called the ‘low E string’ and is the deepest/lowest bass note you can play.
  • The 3rd string is tuned to A, so it’s generally known as the A string.
  • The 2nd string is tuned to D, so it’s usually referred to as the D string.
  • The thinnest string is the 1st string, and it’s tuned to G, so it’s usually known as the G string.

It really helps if you’ve got your bass guitar to hand when it comes to learning the string names and numbers, so make sure you grab it and try and feel the string thickness difference for yourself. This will help you visualise the string names and numbers later on when you put your newfound note knowledge to the test.  

Hack Two: Learn all of the notes separately

There are plenty of songs that rely heavily on just one or two notes, for example G, so take your time to learn each note individually and commit it to memory before moving on to your next note. This way, you’ll soon be able to build up your bass guitar notes knowledge in just a few days as repetition is critical.

Once you’ve mastered just a few notes, you’ll be amazed at the number of songs you can play, so give it a whirl and use it as a practice session to make sure that you’ve got the notes nailed before moving on to the next one.

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