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Mica Douglas

Mica Douglas - HCM Music College | Milton Keynes, Letchworth & Ware

Mica Douglas studied a one-year Subsidiary Diploma in Music Business followed by a one-year Subsidiary Diploma in Music Performance (Vocals) at HCM Ware from 2013 to 2015.

He’s currently studying a BA (Hons) Events Management at Bournemouth University, while continuing his interest in music as a rapper and producer under the name True Carson. We chatted with Mica about the skills he learnt at HCM and how it’s helped get him where he is today.

How did HCM help you achieve your musical goals?

I started at HCM doing a one-year Music Business diploma, which taught me a lot about the music industry and enabled me to put together a plan for my own music career. I then did a second year on a Music Performance diploma, which allowed me to perfect my live skills and develop my songwriting and production knowledge. HCM taught me the skills I needed to start producing my own tracks, have the confidence to perform live in groups and be brave enough to experiment with my songwriting.

What exciting projects do you have coming up?

I’ve just released my debut EP ‘Gold Tape’, which is available on Spotify!

To keep your eye on Mica and his musical success, follow True Carson Music on Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud.

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