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5 Best Websites For Guitar Songs For Beginners

If you’re feeling like taking on a challenge and putting together everything you’ve learnt at your guitar lessons to play some of your favourite songs, then here’s five of the best free websites offering guitar songs for beginners.

Here’s five of the best free websites offering guitar songs for beginners.


Makers of some of the best-loved guitars in the world, the Fender website is also an amazing resource for both professional guitarists and those just starting out learning to play the guitar. Packed full of interesting articles, top tips and ideas to take your guitar prowess up to the next level, there’s also some really good suggestions for songs for beginners using just three chords. Perfect if you’re still getting to grips with your guitar but what to showcase your new-found skills.

The Musician Lab

Another great resource for all things guitar, The Musician Lab has not only provided you with ten great beginner’s songs that you can master in as little as four weeks, but they’ve also provided charts, chords and notes too!

So if you’re an Oasis fan or fancy a bit of Starsailor, then this is a great site to help you nail some iconic guitar melodies.


Unlike the previous two websites, Melodyful doesn’t provide you with any chord, charts or notes to get you started, but it more than makes up for it by providing an extensive list of easy acoustic guitar songs ideal for beginners.

Whatever genre you prefer, just browse through the list and do a little searching online and you’re sure to find the chords you’re looking for once you know which song you’d like to try out.

Mighty Expert

With 50 songs for beginners to choose from that use either two or three chords, Mighty Expert goes one step further and include some useful info on how to read chords, how to use a capo and how to use open strings. You’ll have absolutely everything you’ll need to learn a few songs to impress your family and friends.

Better still, each song is taught using a YouTube video as well as the chords, so you have a much better idea of the sound you’re aiming for.

String Vibe

If your practice is starting to pay off and you’ve already mastered four chords or more, then String Vibe offers 85 songs across various genres for you to choose from.

From soft rock classics to more modern pieces from the likes of Coldplay and Maroon 5, you’re sure to find a song to suit your tastes and skill level.  

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