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If you’re keen to learn the drums or take your playing style to the next level, our drum lessons are a surefire hit. 

Drum Lessons

Whether you’ve been drumming all your life, or are keen to try it for the first time, HCM Drum lessons are available to everyone from the age of 7 years old to 70 +. Prices range from £14 to £22 dependent on private or group led classes. 

All lessons take place at HCM Music Academy in Ware.

For more information about taking drum lessons at HCM Music Academy, get in touch today.

Drum Lessons Overview

Drum lessons at HCM Music Academy are open to anyone aged 7 to 70+, and are a great way to learn to play from scratch, or develop your technique if you’ve been playing for a while and are looking to improve.

Our weekly drum lessons take place at HCM, either in a group setting or one-to-one. You can choose between 30 and 45 minute classes, which is plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the drum kit and learn some new skills.

Drum Lessons Fee

  • Group drum lessons are charged at £14 per student per lesson (charged by term) for a 30 minute session in groups of up to four students.
  • Paired drum lessons consisting of one teacher and two students are charged at £15 per student per lesson for a 30 minute session. (only available for siblings/family members)
  • One-on-one drum lessons are charged at £22 per 30 minute session

What You'll Learn

Drum lessons at HCM cover a range of musical styles and genres, including rock, pop, jazz, blues, latin and country. You’ll use the very best in electronic (mesh head) drum kits for most lessons and will progress on to acoustic drum kits once you’ve mastered the correct techniques. Your lessons will vary each week, depending on your level, your interests and the size of the class.


Here’s just a small selection of the techniques you’ll learn in HCM’s drum lessons:

  • Basic rudiments and their application around the drum kit
  • Grooves and fills in a number of different styles and genre
  • Advanced styles of playing, such as double-bass drum technique and linear
  • How to read drum notation and develop skills in sight and chart reading
  • Embedded music theory and knowledge
  • Embedded instrument maintenance, such as changing drum heads, tuning and micing techniques
  • And finally… songs! These are specifically tailored to help you explore the drum techniques you’re learning about and put them into context

End Of Term Gigs

HCM drummers are encouraged to take part in our in our end of term gigs and showcases. This helps students gain experience in playing live and in front of an audience, as well as giving useful experience and a new found confidence.


At HCM, we like to see improvement over time, so we offer graded instrument exams from RSL. Our drum lessons follow the RSL graded syllabus for drum kit from Debut to Grade 8, and teenage students can complement our graded lessons with other activities, such as GCSE Music or the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

To find out more about drum lessons at HCM Music Academy you can either complete our enquiry form, call us directly on 01920 460646 or by email

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